Bumper Stickers

Tobacco Pins

Special pricing available on
t-shirts for groups with large orders (100 or more).
Add your own logo for one small flat fee.

Remind smokers
they are
not just hurting themselves!
This is a good reminder
when someone behind
you is smoking in the car
with children.

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bumper sticker
with purchase
of t-shirt and/or tobacco pin.


Tobacco pins
American Heart Association

$5.00 each
Size = 1"
Color is a blue/gray with gold trim

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Thank you to
A.H.E.A.D. of Crawfordsville, Indiana
for the order of 100 t-shirts.

"The shirts have been very popular. Iím so thankful I stumbled across your web-site, I think the Lord led me because I simply did a search for second-hand smoke t-shirts and your web-site popped up. Your message frames the whole issue in a very kind and respectful way. 

"Our ordinance has passed the first reading with the understanding that amendments can be made. Now the challenge will be to keep the ordinance from being weakened by exemptions and qualifications."  Father Alexis Miller (A.H.E.A.D.) 5/10/2005

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Hanes Heavyweight 50/50
All t-shirts are HIGH QUALITY Color - GRAY
For prices and sizes see below or
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Child's Small (6-8) G-200201 $   9.95
Child's Medium (10-12 G-200202 $   9.95
Adult Small (34-36) G-200203 $ 10.95
Adult Medium (38-40) G-200204 $ 10.95
Adult Large (42-44) G-200205 $ 10.95
Adult X-Large (46-48) G-200206 $ 10.95
Adult XX-Large (50-52) G-200207 $ 11.95
Fight tobacco-related
disease pin
P-300001 $   5.00

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