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11/06: Puerto Rico has banned all smoking when children are present inside a vehicle.
8/17/06: Calabasas and Dublin, California have both passed ordinances declaring tobacco smoke a nuisance. This gives people living in multi-unit housing, in those cities, the right to get a court order to stop the unwanted smoke from entering their homes.
1/21/06: Calabasas, CA City Council has voted to ban all smoking around non-smokers, even outdoors. They can only smoke in designated areas.
1/19/06: All Six Flags theme parks will soon be almost completely smoke-free. They will include designated smoking areas.
11/23/05: San Luis Obispo County, California will no longer allow foster parents to smoke inside their homes, vehicles up to 12 hours before a child will be inside, or within 20 feet of the children. This is very good news for these children.
10/4/05: As of October 1, 2005, the state of Arkansas bans smoking on all hospital grounds. Thank you Representative Jay Bradford of White Hall, for taking the initiative to sponsor this groundbreaking legislation.
9/24/05: Just discovered that chewing tobacco is no longer legal to sell or use in Australia. Excellent!
8/19/05: Clayton, NJ passed an ordinance establishing a measure to prohibit self-serve tobacco display racks, joining East Greenwich Township and Woodbury Heights in 1996, Deptford Township in 1997, Logan Township in 1998, and most recently in Swedesboro in July 2004 with similar ordinances. We should protect our children first and foremost.
7/20/05: Congratulations to the elders of Albany, NY for moving the smoking outside of all city pool areas. No more smoking within the fences. Everyone will breathe easier. Gutsy move, guys!
6/29/05:  As of May, 2006, all cigarettes sold in the state of VERMONT will be required to be self-extinguishing. This not only saves lives by avoiding fires, but will further limit health risks from secondhand smoke when lit cigarettes are left in ash cans, or thrown on the ground.
6/16/05: Canada, as of October 1, 2005, will be the first country to require all cigarettes sold, whether manufactured or imported, to be fire-safe (self-extinguishing).
I want to salute Timnath, Colorado, U.S. for making the decision to ban smoking in all businesses, including restaurants and bars BEFORE they get them. 
They have decided to plan ahead in designing their goals for their little town and be sure that when restaurants and bars open they will be smoke-free from the start. 
Oh, to have all towns with this kind of foresight.
May 2, 2005
Disneyland Hong Kong will follow suit with their U.S. sister theme parks and open as smoke-free with designated smoking areas.  I thank them for plans to educate the staff on managing and maintaining this program so all can enjoy the park in smoke-free air.
May 2, 2005
Flemington, New Jersey, U.S., will soon have an ordinance requiring most outdoor events to be smoke-free, including parades, and require a permit to have a "smoking section."  Some events, such as an outdoor car show will be exempt. 
I believe all smoking outdoors should be in "designated areas."
Beginning August 15, 2005, Manitoba, Canada, will require all retailers to hide all tobacco products, and advertisements in businesses will no longer be permitted.
As of April 1, 2005 South Australia bans tobacco ads in all stores!
March 15, 2005 Taiwan will begin to fine pregnant women for smoking. 
They want to make the best effort to insure healthy babies.
On February 27, 2005 the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control FCTC became International Law.  One hundred sixty-eight countries have signed the Treaty, 57 have become a Party to the Treaty.  These countries acknowledge the dangers of tobacco and secondhand smoke and will be increasing education, smoke-free workplace laws, and reducing or eliminating tobacco ads. Congratulations!
If you live in the United States, please write to your congressman and U.S. Senator asking them to urge President Bush to forward the Treaty for their approval.

Key provisions include:

  • Enact comprehensive bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship;
  • Obligate the placement of rotating health warnings on tobacco packaging that cover at least 30 percent (but ideally 50 percent or more) of the principal display areas and can include pictures or pictograms;
  • Ban the use of misleading and deceptive terms such as "light" and "mild";
  • Protect citizens from exposure to tobacco smoke in workplaces, public transport and indoor public places;
  • Combat smuggling, including the placing of final destination markings on packs; and
  • Increase tobacco taxes
Jan. 27, 2005  J.D. Witherspoon, a company that owns and manages pubs in the U.K. have announced they will make 60 of their pubs 100% smoke-free as of May 4, 2005. 
Jan. 26, 2005: British rock group, Queen, have banned smoking at their concerts as their newest member, Paul Rodgers, fears damage to his vocal cords. 
Good thinking, Paul!
We would like to commend Cuba for their decision to begin the process of banning smoking in many of their public businesses.  Although the ban does not include restaurants (they will have smoking areas) and bars, this is a big step for a country known for its cigars.
Canada will require all cigarettes manufactured to be fire-safe as of October 1, 2005.
The State of New York currently requires all cigarettes sold to be fire-safe.
In 2006, Scotland will no longer allow smoking in films,
television and on the stage regardless of historic value.
Staffordshire (uk) Cheshire County Council
Smoking breaks are no longer allowed at all workplaces. 10/25/04
This will protect non-smokers from inhaling the toxic chemicals outgased from  clothes, skin and hair after fellow employees smoke.
Wonderful move in the right direction!
The United Methodist Church
adopts a resolution condemning tobacco use, production and marketing and encouraging members to boycott Philip Morris - Altria products.
President Bush is a born-again Christian member of the Methodist Church.
It is our prayer that he read and understand that tobacco is killing living beings and should not be supported or defended by any follower of Christ.

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The state of Oklahoma has passed a law that bans foster parents from smoking
around the children at home and in vehicles.

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The country of Bhutan has banned tobacco completely everywhere.
Empty chairs lined the steps of the California Capitol in Sacramento on a special day each September.  Each chair holds a picture of someone who died from a tobacco-related disease, including secondhand smoke.  As the event progresses visitors to the capitol walk through the chairs, reading the names, seeing the faces, and learning about the dangers of tobacco.

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California Residents Stay tuned for details about the 2006 TVM Day event.

If you would like to have an event at your state capitol building and do not know who to contact or where to start, please feel free to contact us for some pointers.

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If you have a problem with tobacco smoke drifting into your apartment or condo home from that of a neighbor, please contact your city councilperson, state legislator, and senator.   They need to know about the problem so we can eventually have smoke-free apartment and condo homes.   If you will send us a copy of the letter and the elected official you have contacted, we will keep a file for future reference.
   Exciting News:  Black Mountain Ski Resort in Maine, USA
has gone 100% TOBACCO-FREE everywhere!
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Have you checked your IRA or Money Market accounts lately?  They may include tobacco stocks you don't want. 
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