This web site is presented on behalf of those who are physically, and detrimentally affected by secondhand smoke, as well as those who simply wish to breathe smoke-free air.

Because secondhand smoke has been proven to be harmful, and because there are still so few laws to protect it's innocent victims, our hope is to reverse the current philosophy that smokers' rights transcend the rights of others to breathe air free of tobacco pollution.

Together, with the help of non-smokers around our country, this web site can demonstrate the positive effects of smoke-free air, as opposed to the negative attitude of "smokers' rights."

It is our hope to encourage businesses, and especially our government officials, to eliminate secondhand smoke from ANY air space that is shared with non-smoking individuals.

As the future of our nation, and the laws we, and our children will live by, will be dictated by today's youth and their successors, we will strive to encourage our children, in a positive manner, to realize the dangers of smoking and it's deadly effects on those around them.

We believe we must continue to strive to educate, and encourage changes that will bring about healthier air quality for the safety and survival of our citizens, in order to stop the current cycle of injustice, and create a new attitude of promoting smoke-free air for all.